Sunday, November 9, 2008

G5 Challenger debuts at SEMA '08

We arrived at the SEMA Show and it was a success! The current G5 Posey Challenger is a throw-back to the original #77 Posey Challenger. Sam Posey made history in this car back in the 70's and graced our booth with his presence, while signing autographs for devoted fans. It was an honor for Trinity Mufflers to be apart of this event.

Group 5 (G5) is a great company that offers many options for your car. There are so many versions to choose from. From aesthetics to a full out race car, G5 can alter your ride to suit your needs. They are currently working with the 2008 Dodge Challenger and offering a great after market package for all you Mopar lovers! If are interested, here is the link to the G5 website:

Trinity mufflers is the official muffler under the G5 label. So you guessed it, we were on the Posey Challenger at the Sema Show! Here are some pictures from our time there, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!If you look right in front of the back wheel, you will see the exit point for a functional side exhaust, provided by T-Phlo. Let me tell you that it sounded awsome too.

Sam Posey is challenged with enduring Parkinson's Disease, and was a trooper at the show. G5 is donating $1,000 for every G5 Posey Challenger that is sold, towards the Parkinson's foundation in support of Sam Posey and those suffering with this disease.

Tim made a muffler exactly like the one on this car for himself and got it signed by Sam Posey.Below is a picture of some of the guys on the G5 team. Chris Wilkins is the man who has made this all possible. John McBride is the one who designed the G5 cars and is an excellent artist. Chava Balas is the owner of Composite Concepts, who did all the carbon fiber on the car. He is top in his field and is highly recommended for all your carbon fiber needs. Let us know of your carbon fiber needs, and we will make it happen for you!

A few perks of being at the Sema Show were seeing some celebreties, like Kenny Wayne Shepard, Chip Foose, and crazy monitor lizards!
Overall, this was an exciting trip that was blessed by God! Trinity Mufflers is proud to be apart of the G5 team and sees great things in our future. Again, if you are interested in any of the products that have been mentioned in this blog, such as obtaining your own G5 Challenger, carbon fiber products, or of course a T-Phlo muffler, email us at and we will guide you in the right direction. Thanks for your support!!!!


Aimee: said...

Looks awesome you guys! I love seeing the T-Phlo insignia right on the side of the Challenger. By the way, when I figure out what my "carbon fiber needs" are, I'll be sure to let you know right away. :)


srisang said...

Nice guide thank you!/ I love it! very creative! That's actually really cool Thanks...