Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SRT-8 300 C Hemi with T-PHLO Mufflers

I'd like to thank Chris Banning for shooting and creating this video. He didn't have much time to get it together and it still turned out great. We actually put this video together for a project that we are working on. The shop owner needed to hear a newer hemi car with T-Phlo's on it. I think that it turned out great. Tell us what you think. Thanks Kurt and Julie for letting us use your car. If any of you were wondering where we filmed this segment, it was at W.O.T. performance in Riverside, California. They specialize in Dyno testing, tuning and most vehicle repairs. Thanks Pete for your patience and awesome work. Check them out at wotperformance.com

You can also check out the video on Youtube or you can click on this link:


Yashila said...

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prolix said...

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